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Good Ideas

Have a look through some great UN Decade of Action ideas that other schools have come up with. Maybe you could use some of them!

If you have any good work or great ideas ask your JRSO to upload them to the site, it might get featured in the Spotlight On area or on the Show & Tell page.


• Organise a walk/cycle to school competition. Choose which class/es are going to participate – ask pupils to draw a map of the walk/cycle to school or design a poster highlighting all the positive things about walking/cycling to school.

• ‘Tip of the Week’: every week children put their road safety tip of the week into a suggestion box. The chosen weekly tip can be read out at the school assembly.

• Organise a mobile phone competition for Primary 6 and 7. Ask them to design poster size mobile phones with a very important text message, for example “X but don't cha@”. All the posters can form a bright colourful display with prizes, for example, for the best message/the most eye-catching, etc