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Good Ideas

Have a look through some great UN Decade of Action ideas that other schools have come up with. Maybe you could use some of them!

If you have any good work or great ideas ask your JRSO to upload them to the site, it might get featured in the Spotlight On area or on the Show & Tell page.


Arrange to go into the Primary 1 (and perhaps Primary 2) classes at different times of the year to read the Ziggy stories. Here’s an example of a story schedule, as the stories have seasonal themes:

• August/September – Ziggy and the Lollipop
• End of October - Ziggy’s Halloween Wish
• December/January – Ziggy Visits Granny
• March/April – Ziggy Goes Zab-a-ding-a-Wheeee
• May/June – Ziggy’s Sunny Holiday
• May/June – Ziggy and Maggie Start School
• June - Ziggy’s Sports Day

If you can, it would be good to include some activities along with the story. The class teacher should have a Big Book set of the books that they use in class. To prepare for your class visit, speak to the teacher and ask if you can look at the Big Book set in advance as each book will have some ideas for activities.

For example, for the Halloween book you could bring in some examples of hi-vis materials or clothes. Explain how they work and how important it is for them to wear in the dark whilst out playing and walking to school. You could go back to the classes a week later, ask some questions or have a little quiz and reward the children with reflective stickers, or something similar.