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Good Ideas

Have a look through some great UN Decade of Action ideas that other schools have come up with. Maybe you could use some of them!

If you have any good work or great ideas ask your JRSO to upload them to the site, it might get featured in the Spotlight On area or on the Show & Tell page.

Competition Ideas

Many of the JRSOs have had fantastic competition ideas. To give you some ideas we have featured their work here for you to look at. Keep checking for updates and contact your local JRSO if you want to submit your own competition ideas.

St Stephen's - Design an Outfit

North Lanarkshire
20 May 2014

The citizenship group came up with the idea of designing the ideal outfit to wear in winter, allowing drivers to see them in the dark mornings and nights.

JRSO Slogan Competition

North Lanarkshire
07 Apr 2014

This years Slogan Competition was a great success with more than 200 entries being received.  The focus was on raising awareness of being safe when travelling in the car.

The winning entry came from Declan O'Brien, a P5 pupil from St Edward's Primary School in Airdrie  - "If you travel near or far, use your seatbelt in the car.”  This highlights the importance of using seatbelts.  No matter how short the car journey may be, people should ALWAYS remember to wear their seatbelts. The risk of a fatal injury is reduced by 50% when you wear a seatbelt.

Second place went to Nicole Watson from Muir Street Primary School in Motherwell with “Haud yer weesht an’ gie the driver some peace” and Cian Dickson from St Aloysius’ Primary School in Airdrie came third with “Don’t be quick 2 go 4A drive, pull and click to stay alive”.

Well done to our winners and everyone who entered the competition.  Judging wasn't easy as there were many good slogans.

Thank you to all JRSO's for promoting the competition.  Keep up the good work 

Calendar Competition

South Ayrshire
22 Mar 2013

Muirhead Primary Troon

Our JRSO were busy promoting and organising a calendar competition in conjunction with the Road Safety team in Ayr and South Ayrshire Council. The theme was "Parking at our School". The competition required children to draw a picture promoting safe parking. Our JRSO’s prepared a speech which they presented to all the classes to let all pupils and staff know what was involved. They then gave each pupil an entry form on which to complete their design as well as a letter explaining to parents what was involved. They selected the three best entries, and gave out prizes. One of our entries was chosen by the local council to be made into their calendar and distributed to all council offices. The JRSO had their photograph taken along with the entry winner and local councillors and this was put in the local press.

Inverarity's bus safety competition

13 Feb 2013

Our school is in the country and lots of pupils travel by bus so we thought it would be a good idea to do a competition about bus safety. We printed off pictures of buses and asked pupils from the lower school to colour them in and draw people in the bus. The upper school had to draw their friends on the bus then write down the rules of being safe on the bus.

Maisondieu's Beep Beep Day competition

07 Feb 2013

For Beep Beep Day we held two competitions. For P2-P4 we asked them to colour in a road safety picture and for P5-P7, we asked them to design a Road Safety poster. Here are the winning entries.

St Stephen's PS – Safety Helmet Competition

North Lanarkshire
06 Nov 2012

As part of a road safety awareness day a safety helmet competition was held. Every child designed a helmet then gathered in the hall with great anticipation to find the winner. Each class winner was announced then the overall winner, James Collins from Primary 1. Well Done James!

High Visability Vest Challange

12 Sep 2012

We had a High Visability Vest Challange for all the boys and girls in our school who were in nursery. At the start of the term we gave them high visability vests and asked them to keep them safe and wear them to school every day. Some did as they were told and others just wore them some days. We went to nursery each day and asked them if they wore their vest. At the end of the term when we counted all the childrens success we gave them all a mini prize and the people that wore there vests almost every day got a couloring in book a chocolate and a JRSO pack.