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Notice Boards

Have a look at some of the great ideas for notice boards from JRSO schools across Scotland and get inspired! Your school may already be featured but that’s no reason why it can’t be featured again!

JRSOs – remember that you can upload your school’s work in the Members Only section.

St Stephen's Road Safety Awareness Day

North Lanarkshire
20 May 2014

We held a Road Safety awareness Day and displayed all the events we took part in.

St Kevin's PS

North Lanarkshire
20 Feb 2014

This is our notice board we have pictures of our JRSO team, competitions, winners of compettitions, steps on how to cross the road safely and certificates.

Stopping Distances

Perth and Kinross
06 Feb 2014

We made a winter safety notice board - half about staying safe in the dark but our favourite part is our new area about how it takes traffic longer to stop on the roads when the weather is bad. We cut out the street light to shine on our noticeboard and we had a few helpers from our Committee Groups help cut out the road and cars etc. We have also been teaching the younger pupils about how to cross the road properly and we have a new helper to do this - we were given a Crossing Patrol Man hand puppet from Donna Cromb - we have named him 'Victor' - the wee class love him. Cara & Elise - JRSO's

Ladywell PS - Winter Safety Notice Board

North Lanarkshire
03 Feb 2014

This is our new notice board. We have taken it to each class in our school and made a speech about our top 5 road safety tips to keep safe in the winter.

Overtown PS - Autumn Noticeboard

North Lanarkshire
27 Nov 2013

Hello from Overtown Primary School. Here is our JRSO board for season 2013/14. We have used a bright colour for our background, and used traffic lights to highlight the do's and don'ts of keeping safe. We have our calendar of events and Ziggy has made a guest appearance. The boards also shows the JRSO characters and photos of our JRSO team of 5. Brooke, Daniel, Lucy, Zoe and Amy. We look forward to our jobs as a JRSO.

Banton Primary - Booster Seat Campaign

North Lanarkshire
02 May 2013

When one of our JRSO committee members was involved in a really bad car accident the committee thought it was important to highlight the need for booster seats. Ellie was made – she quickly shows each pupil if they need a booster seat. Chloe (P7) – came up with the slogan "Smaller than me ... a booster seat it will have to be!" Every child in the school has been measured by the JRSO team and sent home with a colour flyer telling parents if they still need a booster seat.

Aberlemno's noticeboard

13 Mar 2013

Our amazing noticeboard has now finally been uploaded. Mike the Bike is the good side – the bad side has people in black clothing!

Tarfside's Cool Notice Board

12 Mar 2013

This is my JRSO board showing everyone how to 'Be Safe Be Seen'.

Strathmartine notice board

05 Mar 2013

We have worked very hard on our notice board so that everyone in school is safe.

Whitehills bright board

01 Mar 2013

This is our bright jrso notice board which is in our school's infant department

Ferryden JRSO notice board

19 Feb 2013

This is our cool notice board. It is at the entrance of our gym hall. So that everyone can see it when they pass.

borrowfields notice board

19 Feb 2013

This is our bright,colourful and enthusiastic notice board.

Maisondieu's Be Safe Be Seen Noticeboard

07 Feb 2013

This is our Be Safe Be Seen noticeboard. Look how bright the reflective strips on the waistcoat, bag and badges are.