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Good Ideas

Have a look through some great UN Decade of Action ideas that other schools have come up with. Maybe you could use some of them!

If you have any good work or great ideas ask your JRSO to upload them to the site, it might get featured in the Spotlight On area or on the Show & Tell page.


A good topic to present to a school assembly is the importance of in-car safety. You could create a height chart in the shape of a doorway to demonstrate to everyone what height you have to be before you could travel without a booster seat. Every child in the school walks through the doorway and are issued with an information leaflet to give to their parents if they aren't 134cm in height. The leaflet should highlight the legal responsibility of ensuring all children are secure while travelling.

• It might be useful to update the school on some of the issues you have been tackling and your plans for future activities. Try to make your presentation interesting as well as informative by using a mix of media, for example, as well as talking you could show some examples of work already done using power point and actual examples of items you’ve used, like the Ziggy books and hi-vis clothing.

• Organise a ‘Smart Feet’ assembly asking pupils to sign their class poster promising to walk more. They can be given an outline of a foot and asked to write their own promise on it and decorate it.


Road Safety Scotland
28 Apr 2020