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Global Citizens

Education Scotland, the organisation responsible for the curriculum in Scottish schools, say that educating Scotland’s children and young people as Global Citizens is what Curriculum for Excellence is all about.

Being a Global Citizen means:

Making informed choices and decisions
Learning about road safety and being involved in different road safety activities can provide young people with the information they need to make the choices that will help keep them safe in the road environment.

Developing a knowledge and understanding of the world and Scotland’s place in it
Here are two important things you may not know about what’s happening in Scotland …. but are worth finding out about!

1. Scotland’s Road Safety Framework to 2020
This was launched in 2009 by the Scottish Government, and it describes Scotland’s road safety vision and the targets for reducing road casualties. It says that road safety is everyone’s responsibility and that we all have a part to play in making Scotland’s roads safer for everyone.

One of the main priorities is children and young people. Find out what the Scottish Government says about this and what we can all do to improve things

2. Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People
The Commissioner, Tam Baillie, is there to make sure that the people who make important decisions in Scotland listen to what children and young people say and work hard to make life safe and happy.

His work is based on The UN Convention for the Rights of the Child. If you are under 18, this is for you. It is an international law that recognises that young people in Scotland have rights. It describes the commitment that your Government has made to recognise your rights.

Find out more and what rights could be directly linked to road safety