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Do a Survey

The JRSO Committee Banton Primary School in North Lanarkshire had a great time when they went on a TRAFFIC watch – they were "Speeding Teds" for the afternoon. They surveyed the traffic at Kelvinhead and discovered that 87% of the cars which went past only had one passenger. Out of over 70 cars, buses, vans and lorries which went past 15 were travelling over the speed limit of 30mph!

The Committee intend to write to the local police station at our next meeting.

Why don't you carry out a survey along a Decade of Action theme. You could compare statisctics between road deaths in Scotland and statistics of different countries across the world. See what the different dangers are then you could carry out a survey to see behaviours in your local community. You could then create a notice board to display your findings!

Good luck and have fun!

Remember, let us know about your great work to get it featured on the Spotlight on or Decade of Action pages!