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Have a look at some of the great ideas for posters from JRSO schools across Scotland and get inspired! Your school may already be featured but that’s no reason why it can’t be featured again!

JRSOs – remember that you can upload your school’s work in the Members Only section.

x but don't chat

North Ayrshire
11 Nov 2013

JRSOs who came to the training at Gailes Hotel, had fun making poster size mobile phones with a very important text message – X but don't cha@. All their art work formed a bright colourful display. Well done!

Declans drawing

11 Nov 2013

We had a competition and these were our winners.

Borrowfield's Artwork

11 Nov 2013

These are posters that we used for our school asembly to promote road safety.

Banton Primary - JRSO Job Advert

North Lanarkshire
11 Nov 2013

We set up a small competition for the pupils to design a job advert for our new JRSO 2013/2014! We had some brilliant entries. Well done to our winners!


South Ayrshire
22 Mar 2013

We designed a poster to make adults think twice about inconsiderate parking in our school car park. This is going to be made into a banner to be put on the school car park railings.

borrowfields jrso posters

19 Feb 2013

These are the posters that we used in our road safety asembaly.

langlands competition winners

02 Feb 2012

This is the winners of our upper area be bright be seen competition!!!

Friockheims Seatbelt Poster

30 Jan 2012

We held a seat belt competition for the P1 to P3s and this is the example we showed the younger ones to help them created bright and colourful pictures.