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Have a look at some of the great ideas from JRSO schools across Scotland and get inspired! Your school may already be featured but that’s no reason why it can’t be featured again!

JRSOs – remember that you can upload your school’s work in the Members Only section.

Nail bar

South Ayrshire
09 Dec 2013

Muirhead Primary Troon here is a photo of our traffic light nailbar. Our customers could get their nails painted in shades of red, amber and green.

Xmas Fayre

South Ayrshire
09 Dec 2013

Muirhead Primary Troon we held a stall at our Christmas Fayre. Our theme was "Be Bright Be Seen". We made friendship bracelets in neon fluorescent colours and had a "Traffic Light" nailbar.

Glencairn Primary School - Tip of the Week

North Lanarkshire
15 May 2013

At Glencairn Primary School, every Friday we as JRSO's announce a Road Safety Tip of the Week at our weekly awards assembly. We meet every Tuesday to decide on a tip written by the pupils in our school and the tip we think is best wins 20 class points. We will be uploading tips every week and we hope you learn a few helpful tips all about Road Safety.

John Paul II Primary – ticketing cars

North Lanarkshire
14 Mar 2013

Sometimes we go out and ticket cars that are not parked correctly.

Liff JRSO car safety height chart

14 Dec 2012

Pupils at our school didn't know if they had to sit in a booster seat or not. So we made a height chart to show them the exact height you need to be.

St Stephen's – Police Bikers

North Lanarkshire
08 Nov 2012

Strathclyde police came with their bikes to show us how they use them safely on the roads. We had great fun as we whizz around the playground when we were allowed a shot.