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JRSO stands for Junior Road Safety Officer.

There's no one correct way to run a JRSO programme – it all depends on what best suits each school. However, one very important role is the JRSO Co-ordinator, an adult in the school who supports the JRSOs in carrying out their duties.

Here's just one suggestion for selecting JRSOs:

  • Primary 6 pupils, or pupils at the end of Primary 5, apply for the job by filling in an application form.

  • On the form they have to say why they would like the job and what would make them a good JRSO.

  • The applicants may then be asked to attend an interview. The interview panel can be made up of the JRSOs who are finishing and a teacher and/or the JRSO Co-ordinator.

Once they have been appointed, the JRSOs will receive their own Personal JRSO Organiser, which includes some useful advice, a badge, pen and name card.

Some schools may also want to involve other pupils by having Assistants or Deputes to form a JRSO team to help the lead JRSOs.

The JRSOs and their teams are a huge help to the Road Safety Officer for the local area, as they help promote road safety issues within the school and local community.