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Experiences and Outcomes

JRSO activities can help achieve second level experiences and outcomes.

• expressive arts:
EXA 2-02a/EXA 2-05a/EXA 2-13a

• health and wellbeing:
HWB 2-04a/HWB 2-12a/HWB 2-13a/HWB 2-16a/HWB 2-17a/ HWB 2-18a

• literacy and english:
LIT 2-06a/LIT 2-09a/LIT 2-10a/LIT 2-15a/LIT 2-24a/ENG 2-03a/ENG 2-17a

• maths and numeracy:
MNU 2-20b/MTH 2-21a

• social studies:
SOC 2-09a/SOC 2-16a

• technologies:
TCH 2-03a/TCH 2-03b/TCH 2-04a/TCH 2-04b