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Here are just some of the activities JRSOs can get involved in:

• Talk at assemblies and classes on road safety topics

• Prepare and maintain a JRSO noticeboard providing information on a variety of road safety related activities that are important to the school

• Run competitions in the school and decide on prizes for the winners

• Use and to source information and showcase their school’s activities

• Write letters, e.g. to local companies asking for support or to parents providing information on a particular road safety issue

• Employ next year’s JRSOs by displaying the advert, handing out application forms and sitting on the interview panel

• Get involved in organising safe and active travel activities, e.g. in-car safety, cycle training, walking & cycling to school

Other ideas include:

• Be Safe, Be Seen fashion shows

• ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’/’Weakest Link ‘ style assembly

• ‘Tip of the week’ on the notice board

• Ask local companies to sponsor road safety materials for the school

• Produce a JRSO newsletter

• Make Your Own JRSO characters’ competition

• Road Safety Christmas Card competition