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good ideas

Have a look through some great ideas that schools have come up with. Maybe you could use the ideas for your school!

If you have any ideas or suggestions
get your JRSO to send them in, it
might be the Idea of the Month!


Many of the JRSOs have put together fantastic assemblies. To give you some ideas we have featured the assemblies for you to look at. Keep checking for updates and contact your local JRSO if you want to submit your work.

Whitelees Competition Prize Assembly

North Lanarkshire

On the 13 March we had a special assembly. Our Road Safety Officer came to help.

We ran a competition in school and at the assembly we presented a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize to the different stages in the school.

Our competition was a road safety word search and we had an amazing amount of entries.


When Football Went Wrong

North Ayrshire

It is about 4 children playing football by the road. When 1 child kicks the ball across the road. Then another child runs out infront of a moving car without looking,and gets hit by the car.

Cycle Assembly

West Lothian

Eilidh, Louise, David and Umar have just done an assembly all about cycle safety. After introducing themselves to the school they showed everyone the importance of wearing really bright clothing. They used some models on the catwalk to show the difference between pupils who were wearing dark colours and others who wore light colours.

Then the team demonstrated how it is much safer to wear a cycle helmet. They showed the school when you fall off you can hit your head on the kerb and this can be very dangerous and you could end up seriously injured. Luckily no one was injured during this stunt.

They also had a comedy moment with some joke telling, so here they are for you to read,

Knock Knock

Who's there?


Isabel who?

Is a bell on your bike


Knock Knock

Who's there?


police who?

police tell me you always wear a helmet

After this there was a chance to hear a song about riding a bike safely.

The Team finished up with competitions being set for the whole school, and there were some super prizes to be won.

You can see some of the enties on the imageboards section.