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good ideas

Have a look through some great ideas that schools have come up with. Maybe you could use the ideas for your school!

If you have any ideas or suggestions
get your JRSO to send them in, it
might be the Idea of the Month!

Poems & Raps

Many of the JRSOs have written fantastic poems. To give you some ideas we have featured poems here for you to read. Keep checking for updates and contact your local JRSO if you want to submit your own poem.

Our Song

East Dunbartonshire
08 Apr 2015

This is our song that we created about Road Safety. We had great fun in making up the lyrics and the theme tune to go with it! We have our teacher on the guitar and some of the class played other instruments too! We had a great time and hope everyone else enjoys it too. We would like to thank our teacher and all the pupils involved who made this a great project to work on! Hope you like the song! We think We could be no 1 in the charts, lol!

Friockheim's Cycle Helmet Poem

12 Feb 2013

We held a competition to see who could come up with the best Cycle Helmet Poem in P6 & P7. Here are the winning entries:-

Roses are red, Violets are blue, My helmet's black And I'm safer than you.

Wear a helmet Always be safe If you fall, you have to be brave Look at the knee, it's just a graze Maybe it will heal in amaze!

Wear a helmet, be so cool 'Cause it's good to ride to school!


Perth and Kinross
25 Sep 2012

Better Make Sure!


When you use your bike on the road, 

Make sure you know the Highway Code!


If you don’t want to end up in a hospital bed,

Make sure your helmet is on your head!


When walking or cycling, keep in sight,

Make sure you wear something bright!


When out on your own or with your pals,

Make sure you use safe crossing skills!


If you are a football or tennis ace,

Make sure you are playing in a safe place!


When your journey is longer, and you travel by car,

Make sure you wear your seatbelt, as it is safer by far!