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good ideas

Have a look through some great ideas that schools have come up with. Maybe you could use the ideas for your school!

If you have any ideas or suggestions
get your JRSO to send them in, it
might be the Idea of the Month!


Many of the JRSOs have done fantastic work. To give you some ideas we have featured images here for you to look at. Keep checking for updates and contact your local JRSO if you want to submit your own images.

John Paul II Primary - Car Park Duty with Jacqui

North Lanarkshire
11 Mar 2014

We asked Jacqui to come and help us with our car park.

John Paul II Primary - Car Park Duty

North Lanarkshire
11 Mar 2014

We go out into our school car park each week to issue parking tickets.

John Paul II Primary - Speed Cameras

North Lanarkshire
11 Mar 2014

Each class in our school was given a chance to use the speed guns and check car speeds on a nearby road. Speeding Ted was out there too.

Banton Primary – Our New JRSO

North Lanarkshire
31 May 2013

Well done to our JRSO committee who reviewed the applications for our next JRSO.  They conducted very professional interviews, deciding beforehand on three really challenging questions to ask.  The winning candidate was Ellie!  Very well done and we wish you lots of luck next year in your new job!