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good ideas

Have a look through some great ideas that schools have come up with. Maybe you could use the ideas for your school!

If you have any ideas or suggestions
get your JRSO to send them in, it
might be the Idea of the Month!

Notice Boards

Many of the JRSOs have put together fantastic notice boards. To give you some ideas we have featured the notice boards for you to look at. Keep checking for updates and contact your local JRSO if you want to submit your own work.

St Kevin's PS

North Lanarkshire
20 Feb 2014

This is our notice board we have pictures of our JRSO team, competitions, winners of compettitions, steps on how to cross the road safely and certificates.

Stopping Distances

Perth and Kinross
06 Feb 2014

We made a winter safety notice board - half about staying safe in the dark but our favourite part is our new area about how it takes traffic longer to stop on the roads when the weather is bad. We cut out the street light to shine on our noticeboard and we had a few helpers from our Committee Groups help cut out the road and cars etc. We have also been teaching the younger pupils about how to cross the road properly and we have a new helper to do this - we were given a Crossing Patrol Man hand puppet from Donna Cromb - we have named him 'Victor' - the wee class love him. Cara & Elise - JRSO's

Ladywell PS - Winter Safety Notice Board

North Lanarkshire
03 Feb 2014

This is our new notice board. We have taken it to each class in our school and made a speech about our top 5 road safety tips to keep safe in the winter.

New website – Monday 11th November!!!

Road Safety Scotland
12 Oct 2013

Check back on Monday 11th November to see our the exciting new look website!!

Spring Safety Tips From Connie Cone

Perth and Kinross

JRSO Display 2

Dundee City

Cycle Safety At Northmuir