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good ideas

Have a look through some great ideas that schools have come up with. Maybe you could use the ideas for your school!

If you have any ideas or suggestions
get your JRSO to send them in, it
might be the Idea of the Month!


Many of the JRSOs have had fantastic ideas. To give you some ideas we have featured some of them here for you to look at. Keep checking for updates and contact your local JRSO if you want to submit your own ideas.

St Stephen's Walk to School

North Lanarkshire
20 May 2014

Our JRSO along with Mr Thomas our DHT presenting one of winners with their prize. The winners had to draw a map of their walk to school or design a poster highlighting all the positive things about walking to school.

Banton PS - Traffic Watch

North Lanarkshire
21 Mar 2013

Banton's JRSO Committee had a great time when they went on a TRAFFIC watch – they were "Speeding Teds" for the afternoon. They surveyed the traffic at Kelvinhead and discovered that 87% of the cars which went past only had one passenger. Out of over 70 cars, buses, vans and lorries which went past 15 were travelling over the speed limit of 30mph!

The Committee intend to write to the local police station at our next meeting.

John Paul II Primary – Wheely Wednesday

North Lanarkshire
14 Mar 2013

On a Wednesday we ask children to cycle to school. If they cycle we give them a ticket and then all the tickets go into a box and we pick a few winners who get a small prize.

Tarbolton Primary School – Road Safety Week 2012

South Ayrshire
12 Mar 2013

Pupils at Tarbolton Primary School undertook several activities during Road Safety Week 2012. See our photograph!

St Stephen's PS – Traffic Light Sandwich

North Lanarkshire
07 Nov 2012

One of the activities we held on our road safety awareness day was making a traffic light sandwich. ASDA donated all the food needed to represent the colours in a traffic light. Red –Tomatoes, Amber – Cheese, Green – Cucumber. YUM! YUM! YUM!