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Good Ideas

Have a look through some great UN Decade of Action ideas that other schools have come up with. Maybe you could use some of them!

If you have any good work or great ideas ask your JRSO to upload them to the site, it might get featured in the Spotlight On area or on the Show & Tell page.


Many of the JRSOs have had fantastic ideas. To give you some ideas we have featured some of them here for you to look at. Keep checking for updates and contact your local JRSO if you want to submit your own ideas.

St Stephen's Road Safety Awareness Day

North Lanarkshire
20 May 2014

Hold an Awareness Day giving each class a timetable allocating time slots for different events. On our day we had JRSO games, Safety Helmet Competition, Traffic Light Sandwiches, Car Seat Invention Competition, JRSO website and purposeful Play( road master and Puffin crossing). It was great fun as well as been very informative.

St Stephen's Walk to School

North Lanarkshire
20 May 2014

Our JRSO along with Mr Thomas our DHT presenting one of winners with their prize. The winners had to draw a map of their walk to school or design a poster highlighting all the positive things about walking to school.

John Paul II Primary - Walking Bus

North Lanarkshire
08 May 2013

We understand that not all children can walk to school so we created a walking bus. Each Thursday at lunchtime we walk around the infant playground and then the children join on. It's great fun!

John Paul II Primary JRSO Cupcakes

North Lanarkshire
08 May 2013

We decided to do something different and ordered some JRSO cupcakes for our school staff. They were delicious!

Banton PS - Traffic Watch

North Lanarkshire
21 Mar 2013

Banton's JRSO Committee had a great time when they went on a TRAFFIC watch – they were "Speeding Teds" for the afternoon. They surveyed the traffic at Kelvinhead and discovered that 87% of the cars which went past only had one passenger. Out of over 70 cars, buses, vans and lorries which went past 15 were travelling over the speed limit of 30mph!

The Committee intend to write to the local police station at our next meeting.

John Paul II Primary – Teacher parking

North Lanarkshire
14 Mar 2013

We asked all the teachers and staff to park at one end of the car park to allow closer spaces free for parents. Most of our staff supported us and parked where we had asked so we took their registration numbers and picked a winner.

John Paul II Primary – Wheely Wednesday

North Lanarkshire
14 Mar 2013

On a Wednesday we ask children to cycle to school. If they cycle we give them a ticket and then all the tickets go into a box and we pick a few winners who get a small prize.

Tarbolton Primary School – Road Safety Week 2012

South Ayrshire
12 Mar 2013

Pupils at Tarbolton Primary School undertook several activities during Road Safety Week 2012. See our photograph!

St Stephen's PS – Traffic Light Sandwich

North Lanarkshire
07 Nov 2012

One of the activities we held on our road safety awareness day was making a traffic light sandwich. ASDA donated all the food needed to represent the colours in a traffic light. Red –Tomatoes, Amber – Cheese, Green – Cucumber. YUM! YUM! YUM!

Judges Thoughts

Road Safety Scotland
17 May 2011


Well done to everyone who took part in the competition! Every poster had been very thoughtfully done. Unfortunately we could only pick 10 winning posters. Here’s what the judges liked about all the other submission! See if you can spot your one below:



Mintlaw Primary - thoughtful idea behind the road safety message


Maud School (liked the school’s approach to colloborative efforts across primary classes, pairing younger and older pupils.)

Ian Payne and Nathan Peden: one of the main global road safety messages picked up. Good use of colour for the text

Christabel Adkin and Mathew Paterson:  one of the most important global road safety messages relating to children, picked up on

Lachlan Bryan and Finlay Poole: good focus on the preventable global road safety message. Good partnership with this lovely drawing – well done!

Cailean Strachan: good clear text and lovely use of colour.

Shannon Thomson: one of the key global road safety messages picked up on. Good bold colours for the text.




Clepington Primary - liked newspaper/magazine style approach, using columns and the coloured type face for the main headings. Lovely colourful picture.




Saline Primary - two different designs, both featuring key global road safety messages




Reay Primary - good free-hand drawing of street scene; good use of colour



North Ayrshire

Ardeer Primary - easy to read messages; structured design, clean lines


Glencairn Primary - good use of bold colour for text and illustration; picked up on one of the key global road safety messages


Loudoun-Montgomery Primary - interesting design, using a split-screen technique; striking use of black and white colours


Moorpark Primary - this is a colourful, striking design that will be ideal for using as part of a cycling promotion



North Lanarkshire

Newarthill Primary - Caitlin Anderson: colourful design; simple main message



Shetland Islands

Sandwick Junior High School - innovative idea of using a real photograph, with a very simple message



Well Done to everyone who got involved! Have a look in the Posters category to see if you can spot your one!