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JRSO co-ordinator

For a JRSO school to flourish, the role of the JRSO Co-ordinator is crucial. The Co-ordinator can be a teacher, a classroom assistant or a parent, and is an important part of the overall JRSO programme in providing support to the JRSOs, helping them to achieve experiences and outcomes across the curriculum.

The Co-ordinator may assist the JRSOs in a number of ways:

  • Setting clear and achievable tasks

  • Ensuring the pupils have the resources needed for the relevant tasks or signposting them to the appropriate sources

  • Providing continued encouragement and support

  • Enabling access to the JRSO website

The Co-ordinator needs to consider how much time is made available to supporting the JRSOs and could perhaps allocate set times to meet with them to discuss progress and help with tasks.

The list of JRSO activities is endless but here are some tasters:

  • Be Safe, Be Seen fashion shows

  • ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’/’Weakest Link ‘ style assembly

  • ‘Make Your Own JRSO characters’ competition

  • ‘Tip of the week’ on the notice board

  • Ask local companies to sponsor road safety materials for the school

  • Produce a JRSO newsletter

  • Road Safety Christmas Card competition

The broad range of activities showcased on this site can provide excellent stimulus and motivation to other schools across Scotland.

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