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Poems & Raps

Have a look at some of the great ideas for poems from JRSO schools across Scotland and get inspired! Your school may already be featured but that’s no reason why it can’t be featured again!

JRSOs – remember that you can upload your school’s work in the Members Only section.

Our Song

East Dunbartonshire
08 Apr 2015

This is our song that we created about Road Safety. We had great fun in making up the lyrics and the theme tune to go with it! We have our teacher on the guitar and some of the class played other instruments too! We had a great time and hope everyone else enjoys it too. We would like to thank our teacher and all the pupils involved who made this a great project to work on! Hope you like the song! We think We could be no 1 in the charts, lol!

Girvan Primary - JRSO X-factor Winner

South Ayrshire
11 Nov 2013

Junior Road Safety is so cool, Be aware of danger in and out of school. When the red man’s on you need to stop, When the green man glows you must walk but don’t hop. Yellow and green are the colours you should wear, Look left and right always be aware. Cross the road safely there’s no excuse, The zebra crossings there for your own use. When you’re out on your bike wear something bright, Make sure your helmets strapped nice and tight. Road signs are useful, helpful too, They’re there to help both me and you. Look both ways all the time, If you don’t your life could be on the line. Don’t park on a zig zag line, It’s there for a reason, not to save time. Junior Road Safety is so cool, Take care of yourself don’t be a fool.

safety in the car

11 Nov 2013

Hi here is a rap we did in front of the school it went down a great hit especially Mrs Browns Hi – tops !

Here’s our message short and sweet Safety in the car all told to the beat I’m thinking back when I got mad Loud I yelled to ma Dad Dad Dad I cried HEY Just concentrate Keep your hands on the wheel and drive real straight Here’s our message short and sweet Safety in the car all told to the beat I wish I could bang ma beat on a drum So this message gets to ma Mum Mum Mum I said HEY Please dont text Ya just never ever know what could happen next Here’s our message short and sweet Safety in the car all told to the beat Oh no a wobbler I might throw Coz he aint listenning ma Bro Bro Bro I yelled HEY now turn your beats low down The driver cant focus on the busy town Here’s our message short and sweet ALL Safety in the car all told to the beat Here’s a message not to miss Especially sent to ma Sis Sis Sis I shouted HEY Please do not shout The driver could crash without a doubt Here’s our message short and sweet Safety in the car all told to the beat She may be old but drives when she can So I try to persuade ma Gran Gran Gran I politely said HEY Stop eating in the car You’ll swerve off the road when you forgot where you are Here’s our message short and sweet Safety in the car all told to the beat Cool he is and knows whats the buzz But often daft is ma Cuz Cuz Cuz I hollered HEY don’t play with the door Ya might fall out and play no more Here’s our message short and sweet Safety in the car all told to the beat Its near the end of our Safety Rap I give a command to ma dog Scrap Scrap Scrap I yelled Hey Now barking in the back It will cause a crash and you’ll end with a whack ! We hope you enjoyed our safety rap So remember to use your thinking cap Here’s our message short and sweet Safety in the car all told to the beat.


Stay Bright

North Ayrshire
11 Nov 2013

When told " Stay bright at night " don't put up a fight , If you want to stay in sight then your clothes MUST be bright , Reflectors on your bike will help you stay safe at night , If you're not bright at night then you'll get a nasty fright . So don't put yourself at risk or you'll end up in bits . STAY BRIGHT !

Friockheim's Cycle Helmet Poem

12 Feb 2013

We held a competition to see who could come up with the best Cycle Helmet Poem in P6 & P7. Here are the winning entries:-

Roses are red, Violets are blue, My helmet's black And I'm safer than you.

Wear a helmet Always be safe If you fall, you have to be brave Look at the knee, it's just a graze Maybe it will heal in amaze!

Wear a helmet, be so cool 'Cause it's good to ride to school!


Perth and Kinross
25 Sep 2012

Better Make Sure!


When you use your bike on the road, 

Make sure you know the Highway Code!


If you don’t want to end up in a hospital bed,

Make sure your helmet is on your head!


When walking or cycling, keep in sight,

Make sure you wear something bright!


When out on your own or with your pals,

Make sure you use safe crossing skills!


If you are a football or tennis ace,

Make sure you are playing in a safe place!


When your journey is longer, and you travel by car,

Make sure you wear your seatbelt, as it is safer by far!

Cycle Safely

12 Sep 2012

Whenever you feel like riding your bike, Remember that you will get a big fright, When the car comes speeding zoom zomm down the street, And when you hear the vroom vroom all through your feet, Your helmet your lights and reflectors too, Just so you know what to do.

Chloe's poem

02 Dec 2011

Make sure when you're walking in the night, You're wearing clothes that are colourful and bright. All you have to do to be seen, Is wear something that glows and sheens. When you're crossing a road, Make sure you're wearing The right dress code. That's all you have to do, Lets all be safe me and you.