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good ideas

South Ayrshire had some great work from their JRSOs. Such as:

St Bernadette's PS - Safe Parking leaflet

25 May 2015

We produced a safe parking leaflet which has been given out to every child in the school.

St Stephen's PS - Fun/Awareness Day

02 Dec 2014

Hold a fun/awareness day, make up a timetable with different activities which are varied and fun. On our Be Safe, Be Bright, Be Seen Awareness Day the activities were the calendar competition, traffic light cocktails, cyber coaching, ECO badge (road safety theme) design a be bright, be seen jacket competition and we had a M&S truck drop by, allowing the children to see around it and have a shot inside the cabin. They gave a fabulous presentation through their National Child Road Safety Programme which the children enjoyed immensely.

St Stephen's PS - Cyber Coach

14 Nov 2014

These sessions are to encourage children to become fit, healthy and more alert enabling them to walk to school feeling energized. Instead of travelling in cars, buses or taxis which pollute our environment with their fumes. Cyber coach is great fun which everyone enjoyed.

St Stephen's P.S. - Be Safe Be Bright Be Seen ECO Badge

03 Nov 2014

One of the activities we held on our be safe, be bright, be seen awareness day was to discuss road safety issues then ask the children to design an ECO badge. Walking to school, not driving, don't cross between parked cars and crossing at a safe place were some of the issues discussed. We came up with some creative badges.

St Stephen's P.S. - Gist National Road Safety Workshop

03 Nov 2014

The company Gist came to our school to deliver a workshop on road safety. They brought a big M&S truck which the children were allowed to sit in. It was great fun. They presented a very interesting talk about blind spots, stopping distances and general safety around trucks. It was a fabulous.

St Stephen's PS - Gist National Road Safety Workshop

03 Nov 2014

On our Be Safe, Be Bright, Be Seen Awareness Day we invited the company Gist along to present their National Road Safety Workshop. They brought along a big M&S truck which the children were allowed to sit in and explore inside the trailer. The driver explained how to stay safe around trucks and what the driver can see when sitting in the cabin and where their blind spots are. Everyone was fascinated.

St Stephen's PS - Be Safe, Be Bright, Be Seen

03 Nov 2014

Teacher had to discuss with pupils the best type of clothing to wear walking to school on a dark morning or walking home at night. Pupils then had to design a jacket that would help them to 'Be Safe, Be Bright, Be Seen'. We all had great fun!

North Lanarkshire JRSO Induction Day - Wednesday

08 Oct 2014

St Stephen's Road Safety Awareness Day

20 May 2014

Hold an Awareness Day giving each class a timetable allocating time slots for different events. On our day we had JRSO games, Safety Helmet Competition, Traffic Light Sandwiches, Car Seat Invention Competition, JRSO website and purposeful Play( road master and Puffin crossing). It was great fun as well as been very informative.

St Stephen's Walk to School

20 May 2014

Our JRSO along with Mr Thomas our DHT presenting one of winners with their prize. The winners had to draw a map of their walk to school or design a poster highlighting all the positive things about walking to school.

John Paul II Primary - Bikeability

16 May 2014

This summer term is when we learn how to ride a bike safely. Some of our p5 pupils are working towards Bikeability 1 and we have a group of p7 pupils who are working towards Bikeability 2. It is great fun.

Glencairn PS - Tip of the Week

21 Feb 2014

Every week we ask the children to put their road safety tip of the week into a suggestion box. At our full school assembly we read out the chosen tip for that week. Here is this week's: -

If there is something coming, wait a bit,

 If I run out, I may be hit.

Well done, Maria, you have provided our Tip of the Week.

St Bernadette's PS update

17 Jan 2014

We are planing getting bike ability back and also planing to have a quiz against the schools around us.

North Lanarkshire JRSO Induction - Motherwell

31 Oct 2013

St Stephen's Primary

31 Oct 2013

For those pupils who were unable to walk to school, we decided to encourage them to walk around the playground 3 times.

Glencairn Primary School - Tip of The Week

25 Oct 2013

We chose this Tip of the Week because the clocks go back one hour on Saturday night. The tip is- It's getting darker, you should get brighter. Here is a saying to help you remember the way the clocks change- Spring Forword Fall back.

Glencairn Primary School - Tip of the Week

11 Oct 2013

More points for Nikki in P.7. Her Tip of the Week was - Look left look right, make sure you're seen at night.

Glencairn PS - Fit and Fruity Friday

11 Oct 2013

Our Fit and Fruity Friday is now up and running and we are all receiving points towards Class of the Year.

Glencairn Primary School/Tip Of The Week

15 May 2013

Never run on to the Road. by Primary 2.

Glencairn Primary School-Tip of the Week

15 May 2013

Make sure you have cycle space it is not a race. by Primary 7.

Glencairn Primary School - Tip of the Week

15 May 2013

Be bright head to toe, the cars will be sure to see you glow. By Primary 4.

Glencairn Primary School - Tip of the Week

15 May 2013

At Glencairn Primary School, every Friday we as JRSO's announce a Road Safety Tip of the Week at our weekly awards assembly. We meet every Tuesday to decide on a tip written by the pupils in our school and the tip we think is best wins 20 class points. We will be uploading tips every week and we hope you learn a few helpful tips all about Road Safety.

John Paul II Primary - Walking Bus

08 May 2013

We understand that not all children can walk to school so we created a walking bus. Each Thursday at lunchtime we walk around the infant playground and then the children join on. It's great fun!

John Paul II Primary JRSO Cupcakes

08 May 2013

We decided to do something different and ordered some JRSO cupcakes for our school staff. They were delicious!

Banton PS - Traffic Watch

21 Mar 2013

Banton's JRSO Committee had a great time when they went on a TRAFFIC watch – they were "Speeding Teds" for the afternoon. They surveyed the traffic at Kelvinhead and discovered that 87% of the cars which went past only had one passenger. Out of over 70 cars, buses, vans and lorries which went past 15 were travelling over the speed limit of 30mph!

The Committee intend to write to the local police station at our next meeting.

John Paul II Primary – Teacher parking

14 Mar 2013

We asked all the teachers and staff to park at one end of the car park to allow closer spaces free for parents. Most of our staff supported us and parked where we had asked so we took their registration numbers and picked a winner.

John Paul II Primary – Wheely Wednesday

14 Mar 2013

On a Wednesday we ask children to cycle to school. If they cycle we give them a ticket and then all the tickets go into a box and we pick a few winners who get a small prize.

John Paul II Primary – ticketing cars

14 Mar 2013

Sometimes we go out and ticket cars that are not parked correctly.

John Paul II Primary - Road safety day

11 Jan 2013

On 23rd of November we had a school road safety day. We planned and timetabled activities for the whole school and finished the day with a fashion show. It was a great day.

Allanton PS - Better off by Bike

20 Nov 2012

Primary 6/7 decided on a campaign to encourage everyone to choose a healthy and environmentally friendly method of travelling to school. This is our display of posters, safe routes to school, advice and tips for keeping safe when travelling to school and reasons for choosing to walk/cycle/scoot/skate or Park and Stride. We were successful in our campaign and displayed our results

St Stephen's – Police Bikers

08 Nov 2012

Strathclyde police came with their bikes to show us how they use them safely on the roads. We had great fun as we whizz around the playground when we were allowed a shot.

St Stephen's PS – Traffic Light Sandwich

07 Nov 2012

One of the activities we held on our road safety awareness day was making a traffic light sandwich. ASDA donated all the food needed to represent the colours in a traffic light. Red –Tomatoes, Amber – Cheese, Green – Cucumber. YUM! YUM! YUM!

Kilsyth PS - JRSO handshake

11 Nov 2011

We have made up a handshake and we are offering for anyone else to use it. You can put your own names in it, and this is how it goes. "JRSO (name) and (name) go slow with the JRSO, altogether for road safety!" As we said, we think it is a brilliant idea to share this.

Bethany Brown and Louise Rennie, Kilsyth Primary School JRSOs

St Andrew's PS, Cumbernauld, Flag Competition

28 Oct 2011

The Flag comp was very successfull. The winner was Lucus Jones P.5. Well Done Lucus!!!

Kirk O'Shotts PS - Speed Guns

04 Oct 2011

On Friday room 4 were testing the speed outside our school using speed guns. The speed limit is 40 but most people were driving above 40 which is seriously dangerous. We also seen a man driving while he was on his phone, most people were slowing down when we pointed the guns to their cars.

Dykehead PS - Autumn

27 Sep 2011

Pupils in the Senior Area of the school wrote a piece of road safety advice to put on their autumn leaves. It is displayed in the hall for everyone to read and enjoy. Here are our JRSO team showing them off.

Dunrobin PS - My ideas

15 Sep 2011

My ideas for dunrobin are really good.These are my ideas for competitions,a poster for the JRSO,colour in a picture of a person with a seatbelt and draw a JRSO calendar.

Slogan Competition

10 Feb 2011

Crossing the road while distracted by mobile phones and Ipods/MP3 players has become one of the main causes of pedestrian accidents on UK roads and to raise awareness of this we are running a competition this month for all JRSO's to get the pupils in their school to come up with a slogan that will help discourage children using their mobile gadgets when crossing roads.

Send your entries to the Road Safety Office by Friday 25 February and the slogan chosen as the overall winner will receive £100 worth of Argos vouchers.

Good luck!

P1 Hold Hands Crossing the Road

31 Jan 2011

North Lanarkshire JRSOs Year Plan

21 Oct 2010

JRSO YEAR PLAN 2010/2011

 This is a list of suggestions for each month until August 2011. There is a task for you to do and information that you pass on to the school at assemblies.  You can also think of your own ideas and competitions.  Please keep a record/photo of your displays and activities through the year for the ‘Team of the Year’ competition in May 2010.  The number of articles posted on the website will be taken into account when judging.

 September 2010

TASK Set up notice board.  Promote calendar competition throughout the school.  Take a photo of your notice board and post on JRSO website ( and also keep a copy for team of the year.  Distribute Walk to School materials to all pupils before October 1st.

ASSEMBLY Sustrans Hands Up Scotland’ Survey 2010 – ‘How do you normally travel to school?’The survey week this year takes place between the 13th and the 17th of September. Your school will need to choose one day during that week to ask all the pupils one question, ‘How do you normally travel to school?’ Each class in the school has to provide its results. Your school might choose to do this at an assembly.

Further information about the survey will be sent to your head teacher by e-mail.

Remember to keep a record/photos of all of your displays and activities.

 October 2010

TASK Collect all calendar competition entries and send off to the road safety section.  Remember to send only the 5 best entries from each class and make sure their details (name, age, stage and school) are on the reverse of each entry.  Distribute Smart Parker resources before the start of November.  

ASSEMBLY October is International Walk to School Month.  Encourage pupils to walk to and from school safely using the Green Cross Code.  

Remember to keep a record/photos of all of your displays and activities.

 November 2010

TASK Promote the theme of ‘Be Bright Be Seen’ on your notice board and encourage all pupils to wear bright clothes so they can be more easily seen by drivers. 

ASSEMBLY  Hold a fashion show displaying some pupils with dark clothes and some with very bright and conspicuous clothes.  Promote the ‘Smart Parker’ initiative and ensure that materials are distributed to pupils. If pupils have to be dropped off and/or picked up by car, encourage drivers to be ‘Smart Parkers’.

Remember to keep a record/photos of all of your displays and activities.

 January 2011

TASK A JRSO newsletter will be sent this month. If you have not posted anything on the JRSO website please consider doing so this month.

ASSEMBLY Encourage pupils to view the JRSO website to see what you have posted.

Remember to keep a record/photos of all of your displays and activities.

 February 2011

TASK  Run a competition for all pupils to come up with a slogan that would discourage children using a mobile phone/MP3/IPod while crossing the road.  Select your 5 best entries and send them to the road safety office. The overall winner will receive £100 in Argos vouchers.  Runners up will receive a highly commended certificate.

ASSEMBLY  Inform pupils of the dangers of using mobile phones, MP3’s or IPod’s when crossing the road.

Remember to keep a record/photos of all of your displays and activities.

 March 2011

TASK  20’s Plenty Contact the road safety team for a 20’s plenty pack to promote 20mph speed limits around the school community.

ASSEMBLY Demonstrate stopping distances for cars i.e. a car travelling at 20mph would take 12 meters (6m thinking distance and 6m breaking) to come to a complete stop and a car travelling at 30mph would take 23 meters (9m thinking distance and 14m breaking).

 Remember to keep a record/photos of all of your displays and activities.

 April 2011

TASK  A JRSO newsletter with details of the Team of the Year competition will be sent this month.  Start collecting all of your evidence for your Team of the Year entry.

ASSEMBLY Demonstrate getting out of the car on to the pavement  using 4 chairs as a car.  Promote wearing seatbelts and if you have a nursery in your school promote using the correctly fitted car seat.

Remember to keep a record/photos of all of your displays and activities.

 May 2011

TASK  Make sure that your team of the year folder is up to date and send it off to the Road Safety Office before Friday 20 May.  Advertise and interview the P6 post for next term.  Distribute Walk to School materials.

ASSEMBLY  Promote Walk to School Week and encourage good behaviour on buses to and from school and on school trips.

Remember to keep a record/photos of all of your displays and activities.

 June 2011

TASK  Go over last year’s work with your new JRSO to train them for the coming year.  ASSEMBLY Highlight Bike Week & Child Safety Week.  Encourage pupils to play in safe places over the summer.

Remember to keep a record/photos of all of your displays and activities.

 August 2011

TASK  Distribute Safe Start leaflets to all new P1 pupils

ASSEMBLY  With the start of the new term, encourage the young children to hold hands with a grown up while going to and from school.

Remember to keep a record/photos of all of your displays and activities. 

 Remember to post all of your ideas, competitions, noticeboards, etc on the JRSO website.

Lawmuir Primary School Parking Ticket

27 Jan 2010
At Lawmuir Primary School the JRSOs have been working hard with Primary 6 pupils to highlight the dangers of parking on the zigzags or in the bus stop. Over the period of a week the JRSOs and P6 pupils went out each morning before school and at 3pm to hand out tickets to people who were parking dangerously outside the school grounds.
This awareness raising has helped the community to think about the importance of parking safely and helping to reduce the risk of accidents outside our school.